We combine people and technology

The work of helping hands - and the commitment of human hearts - is invaluable in ridding our rivers of plastic pollution. However, new technologies support our hard work by automatically capturing water-borne plastic 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Think of these technologies like robotic cleanup volunteers who never get tired or hungry!

River Skimmer

A River Skimmer rides the surface of the water, sucking river water in, filtering out the waste, and discharging cleaned water. Once the storage container is full, the plastic is carried away for recycling. The system purifies 500 litres per minute, 800 cubic metres per day, almost 300 000 cubic metres per year. The River Skimmer was co-developed with our partner Multimasters.


Our technology partner Plastic Fischer deploys and manages the TrashBoom technology in our project in Bandung, Indonesia. The Trashbooms allow us to stop, collect and manage floating plastic waste early in its journey to the ocean, keeping it from flowing into larger waterways.

River Whale

River Whales stop plastic from floating downstream and visibly generate local awareness in heavily populated European cities. This five-metre-wide system was developed by a Strasbourg startup - H2OPE - and is produced in France.