No more single-use: 10 tips for at home or at work

Help make a difference by avoiding plastic!

Plastic waste is a global problem that needs our attention and action! Fortunately, there are simple and effective ways to reduce our plastic consumption both at home and at work. By making a few changes to our daily routines, we can all play a vital role in creating a sustainable future for ourselves and the planet.


Get inspired by the tips below to reduce your plastic waste! From replacing single-use plastic with reusable packaging to choosing eco-friendly alternatives, these tips are easy to apply and incredibly effective. So let's get started and create a positive impact on the environment!

Top 10 at home

1. Drink water from the tap. This not only avoids plastic packaging but also saves a lot of money. Still more in the mood for sparkling water? Consider a soda machine (e.g. Sodastream, Mysoda, Aarke, Dopper Watertap).


2. Use a reusable bag while shopping. Say no to disposable plastic bags at the checkout.


3. Buy in bulk or large quantities as much as possible and avoid individual packages.


4. If you are going somewhere, bring a reusable water bottle.


5. Avoid using plastic bottles for soap and shampoo. Use blocks of soap or refillable alternatives (e.g.,


6. Replace your wet wipes and makeup wipes with reusable wipes (just throw them in the wash when you're done with them).


7. Replace your coffee capsules with reusable coffee capsules or go for a moka pot or french press. Also, choose loose tea rather than tea bags. As these often contain plastic particles as well!


8. Use reusable and sealable jars or silicone fresh caps for cut fruits and vegetables instead of plastic wrap or freezer bags.


9. Replace your scouring sponges with a wooden dishwashing brush. The green side of most sponges releases microplastics into your water when scrubbing.


10. Use laundry sheets instead of plastic bottles. These are small, concentrated pieces of detergent that usually come in carton boxes. (e.g. Brauzz, klaeny)

Top 10 at work

1. Use a reusable coffee mug for a take away coffee on the way to work. Use a ceramic mug (drinking cup) at work.


2. Prepare your own lunch and use reusable boxes to take it with you.


3. Fancy a snack? Bring a piece of unpackaged fruit or bring some sweets in a reusable box.


4. Beverage dispensers and water in plastic bottles can be replaced with a water jug, water cooler/beverage dispenser (e.g. Dripl, Boma water tap, Robinetto).


5. Choose a coffee machine with loose beans and avoid individually packaged capsules and pads.


6. Provide reusable cutlery and plates at work.


7. A colleague who needs to be honored? Go for a package-free gift!


8. Think before you print anything! Even ink cartridges consist mainly of plastic. Nowadays, you easily sign documents digitally.


9. Go for refillable & reusable office supplies as much as possible (e.g. reusable note pad)


10. Sort at work (PMD+, rest, paper) and recycle all your waste carefully!

First and foremost, choose reusable materials! Are you going for plastic anyway? Then make sure you choose recycled and recyclable plastics.



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