Thanks to our partners and supporters we can clean rivers.

River Cleanup relies on donations and in-kind support from our partners to work on our mission. We work on mutually-beneficial partnerships with a focus on making the most impact possible.


Deutsche Bank

"Enticed by this project and always ambitious to strengthen its contribution to a more sustainable world, Deutsche Bank Belgium decided to support River Cleanup through various operations. Thanks to this partnership, Deutsche Bank Belgium's clients can participate - indirectly - in a positive local impact through their investments.

Ocean conservation is a theme close to Deutsche Bank's heart. The partnership with River Cleanup complements Deutsche Bank Group's efforts to protect the world's natural marine capital in a very concrete and local way." - Nicolas Seutin, VP Communication Manager Deutsche Bank Belgium



"River Cleanup focuses on the 'blue part' of our planet. Knowing that our earth consists of 70% water, it is also our duty to help keep it clean. It stands strong alongside the support to our green partners. The combined power of action, education and transformation is what we at A.S.Adventure wholeheartedly support." - Bea De Beuckelaer, CEO A.S.Adventure


"It’s important for us to support companies with a mission and a vision that engage in a more sustainable future. That’s something we share with River Cleanup. Each in our sector we are helping to live in a better environment. With clean water on one side and clean air on the other side." - Augustin Sagehomme, Network Manager EDI

Keytrade Bank

“Convinced and driven by the mission to remove 11 billion kilos of plastic from rivers before it enters the ocean, we at Keytrade Bank decided to support River Cleanup. Thanks to our partnership, three kilos of plastic will be removed from rivers for every new client at Keytrade Bank. This way, every great customer story already gets off to a fabulous start.” - Thierry Ternier, CEO Keytrade Bank


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To achieve our goal of stopping plastic pollution from reaching the ocean, we need to work together. Rivers are the blue veins of the earth, connecting communities, cities, and entire countries. That's why we look for strong local and global partners who want to help us towards our mission for clean rivers. Partnering with River Cleanup means you want to make a positive and tangible impact on our planet.

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For every euro donated, we collect 1kg of plastic.