Our story

It started in 2017 with 10 minutes

It all started in 2017 with a challenge to pick up trash for only 10 minutes! The moment you pick up someone else’s trash, something changes… you change! You start to see it and realize it’s everywhere! In fact 8 000 million kilograms of trash are entering our oceans, every year! A big part of it comes from rivers.


and became 10 000 people in 2018

In 2018 RhineCleanUp had the ambition to involve 9 cities in 3 countries. In reality over 10 000 people joined hands and cleaned the river banks of the Rhine in 60 cities from source to ending. 5 countries were involved in this first action.


and 10 rivers in 2019

In 2019, less than 2 years after the first 10 minutes action River Cleanup activated 40 000 people along 10 rivers in Europe and Asia, and created awareness by many more due to the positive media attention to the cleanups.

in 2020 we combined people and technology to maximize our impact

Clean locally is key in all our actions! By activating the local community, we create involvement and commitment to create a cleaner environment, where people live, work and play.

By using technology we aim to speed up the collection and increase our impact.

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