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What can you do?

We appreciate all River Warriors worldwide who participate in our River Cleanup events and actively help us make our rivers clean. To set up these actions, we rely on donations and sponsorships. By donating to River Cleanup, you become part of the solution and bring a positive change to our environment.

Why we need your support

Every year over 8 billion kg of plastic ends up in our oceans. 80% is comes there through rivers! Our mission at River Cleanup is to stop the pollution reaching the oceans and to make our rivers clean again. We do this by activating people to join or start a cleanup and by deploying smart technologies.


Our bank account info for donations:

IBAN BE49 7430 7412 3471



Together we make a difference!

1 million kg river plastics

Our goal is to collect our first 1 million kg of river plastics in 2021! Thats the equivalent of 30 million plastic bottles... ! 100% of the donations will be used to set up cleanup actions and deploy technologies on strategic locations along these rivers.


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100% for clean rivers

Start your cleanup

In the last 3 years, over 100.000 people joined our actions to clean up in or along a river nearby. The moment you pick up trash, someone else's trash, you change! Every first Sunday of the month, we have many River Warriors taking action worldwide. So take a pair of gloves and a bag, go for a walk close to home and be amazed at how much trash you will find! Just try it and become part of the solution! 


Register a Cleanup

Donate to River Cleanup

To increase our global impact against river pollution, we ask for donations to fund cleanup activities in some of the most polluted rivers in the world. We decided our focus will be on mainly 3 rivers: The Ishëm river in Albania – the most polluted in Europe, the Wouri river in Cameroon – one of the most polluted in Africa, and the Citarum river in Indonsia – the most polluted in the world.


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