The ideal activity with children

Sunday, June 6th 2021, is River Cleanup World! 

Go outside with your family and contribute to make your surroundings a better and cleaner place!

What does River Cleanup do?

Every year, 8 billion kg of plastic pollution ends up in the ocean, much of it via our rivers. To combat this problem, we organise cleanup initiatives around the world to clean our rivers and the riverbanks. To make this happen, we rely on the help of thousands of helping hands and smart technologies!

We believe that educating people, transforming companies, and actively cleaning our rivers are the most effective ways to stop plastic pollution from entering our environment.

What is River Cleanup World?

To create a global impact,  we invite you to do a cleanup close to where you live on Sunday June 6th 2021 during the River Cleanup World: a river, a lake, your local creek, or anywhere along a waterway... as long as you're cleaning up!


Do you and your family want to be part of this global impact? 


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The perfect family activity

Natural setting

During a cleanup, your children can go out into the open air and connect with nature. They are actively involved in making their living environment a nicer place.

Play and learn

During a cleanup, children will gain first-hand experience of the plastic pollution problem. By clearing up litter themselves, they’ll become motivated to take more care of their own living environment. 

Family moment

Together with your children, you will have a fun day while contributing in making a positive impact on your own neighbourhood.

Are you ready to take action?

On Sunday the 6th of June, put on your gloves and clean up your neighbourhood together with your family, friends, colleagues, etc.


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River Bingo

Add a little game to the cleanup! All these things do not belong in nature. Can you find them all and clean them up to make our planet clean again? Take this bingo card with you on your cleanup adventure and put a cross over the object when you find it. Download it below!