River Cleanup Challenge

Take on the challenge from 22/04 to 05/06

What is it?

The River Cleanup Challenge is a fun and easy way to take your first step towards positive change. We inspire companies to make sustainability a priority in their daily operations. Cleaning up for 10 minutes is the perfect way to unite your team on this common goal.


Follow the three steps to join!

1. Choose your day

Choose a day that suits your calendar. The action is only 10 minutes, so it can easily be done during a lunch break or as an after work event! 


Register your 10-minute cleanup at the bottom of this page. 

2. Involve your team 

Mobilize all of your team members to join the action! Send everyone the link to the event so they can register. You can keep track of the registrations through your own profile. 

3. Start your challenge

Now you just grab a bag and gloves, and you take action! Clean up for 10 minutes, share your action video and challenge 3 others to do the same.




Register your 10-minute cleanup here