Why cleanups?

Cleanups are a great way to connect with nature and gain first-hand experience with the plastic pollution problem. It doesn’t matter where you live: walk around for a few minutes - you’re sure to find plastic garbage in your environment. A cleanup is simple: choose a location, take a pair of gloves and a garbage bag with you, and start collecting waste.


This is a concrete and effective action that anyone can take to foster a cleaner planet. It’s also a gateway to greater involvement in sustainable practices.


Our goal for 2025

It's our collective dream to prevent 100 000 000 kilograms of plastic from reaching our oceans by 2025. How? by cleaning rivers, educating people, and transforming organizations. We can only realize this if we act together! Take a look at our events below and join us in the fight against plastic pollution!


River Sunday

Every first Sunday of the month is River Sunday! It’s a moment to clean within or along a river, creek or other body of water nearby. We invite people around the world to take action near their homes. Participate alone or invite your friends and family!


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World Cleanup Day

Every year, millions of people from across the globe participate in World Cleanup Day on the third weekend of September. This year, on September 17th, we will focus our efforts on 10 Belgian rivers.


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Worldwide River Cleanup Actions

On several key dates in the year, we organize larger cleanup actions along 1 river or in 1 specific country together with local partners. Find out more below:


River Cleanup Lithuania

River Cleanup Ishëm Albania


Danube Cleanup