Our story


 It started in 2017 with 10 minutes

It all started in 2017 with a challenge to pick up trash for only 10 minutes! The moment you pick up someone else’s trash, something changes… you change! You start to see it and realize it’s everywhere! A simple 10 minute cleanup challenge was the start of our mission to clean rivers.


Became 10 000 people in 2018 

Our ambition was to have 10 cleanups in 3 countries along the Rhine! In reality, over 10 000 people joined the cleanup day in 60 cities and 5 countries, from source to ending.


 Grew to 10 rivers in 2019

River Cleanup was officially founded and expanded to 10 rivers in Europe and Asia.


100 000 people took action in 2020 

100 000 people took action in 45 countries, and we deployed our first river technology.



 And led to a 1 000 000 kg milestone in 2021

After 4 years, we collected our 1 000 000th kg of river waste.


To hear more about our story, rewatch our Impact Event from February 10th, 2022.