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Upcoming events

Tonlé Sap

15 March 2020

Let's clean the Tonlé Sap river and area!

10 locations, over 1000 people... 1 goal!

To create awareness and make people part of the solution.

Join us on March 12, 13, 14 or 15th and make a difference


23 May 2020

We clean cities along the Volga river, over 3850km long, from source to ending.

Neris & Neman

6 June 2020

We clean cities along Neris and Neman.

Join us to make a difference!

River Cleanup World

7 June 2020

80% of the waste in our oceans comes there via rivers.

We take action by organising as many cleanups as possible, on one day!

Register your action, we will help you with material and promotion!

Let's do this together!


29 June 2020

We clean Danube!

With its 2850km it is the second longest river in Europe, connecting over 15 countries.

Are you in to join or organise a cleanup?



12 September 2020

Wir säubern den Rhein von der Quelle bis zur Mündung.

Gemeinsam mit Partnern in sechs Ländern wollen wir wieder in über 100 Städten am Rhein das Ufer von Abfällen befreien.

  • ”Become a River Warrior!” kg of trash enter our oceans, every year! 80% comes from rivers.

Our ambition is to connect people to organise cleanups along rivers, create awareness and bring change.

Join us or support us to make a difference!

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