Clean locally, celebrate globally

Our mission

Take waste out of our rivers and riverbanks

both with human hands and smart technologies

and change behaviour

Our impact

  • 466


  • 52160


  • 494455

    kg recovered

Our approach


First objective is to clean it up and make people aware of the problem by showing them trash can be found, in and around the river where they grew up, live or work. In addition, we deploy smart technologies in rivers to continuously collect trash and stop the inflow in our oceans.


Second aim is to educate and inspire students from elementary school to universities on the issue and allow them to have the same eye-opening experience while picking up trash for the first time.


We organize teambuilding cleanups combined with workshops on how to reduce the use of single-use items at home, at work and in society. Doing so we create a network of organizations, scientists & researchers, businesses and policy makers in order to create cross-border solutions.


22 April 2020

Let's cleanup the Drin We clean cities along the Drin River. Flowing through Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Republic of North Macedonia and Greece. Objective is to activate cities along the Drin


23 May 2020

Let's cleanup the Volga We clean cities along the Volga river, over 3850km long, from source to ending.

Neris & Neman

6 June 2020

We clean cities along Neris and Neman. Join us to make a difference!

River Cleanup World

7 June 2020

80% of the waste in our oceans comes there via rivers. We take action by organising as many cleanups as possible, on one day! Register your action, we will help


29 June 2020

We clean the Danube! With its 2850km it is the second longest river in Europe, connecting over 15 countries. Are you in to join or organise a cleanup?


12 September 2020

What we do We clean up the Rhine, from source to ending. Together with partners in 6 countries and more than 100 cities we pickup waste from the river banks


30 October 2020

Together we clean our rivers! Join us on one of the actions along Mekong, Tonlé Sap or Bassac river we organise together with our partner World Cleanup Day Cambodia! Take

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