Thanks to our partners and supporters we can clean rivers.

River Cleanup relies on donations and in-kind support from our partners to work on our mission. We work on mutually-beneficial partnerships with a focus on making the most impact possible.



“Delhaize chose to support River Cleanup because we like that you address a societal challenge in a pragmatic and fun way. You make it possible for us to challenge the employees from our stores, logistics and headquarters to join your movement and to organize cleanups themselves.” – Xavier Piesvaux, CEO Delhaize Belgium 


"River Cleanup focuses on the 'blue part' of our planet. Knowing that our earth consists of 70% water, it is also our duty to help keep it clean. It stands strong alongside the support to our green partners. The combined power of action, education and transformation is what we at A.S.Adventure wholeheartedly support." - Bea De Beuckelaer, CEO A.S.Adventure


"Volkswagen believes it is important to contribute to a more sustainable society. To this end, we organize initiatives not only within but also outside our own organization. Among other things, with the Way to Zero project, Volkswagen aims to reduce Co2 emissions by 40% by 2030 compared to 2018. In addition, it wants to commit to accelerating a more sustainable production process for electric cars." - Filip Vanrietvelde, Marketing Manager Volkswagen Belgium

Keytrade Bank

“Convinced and driven by the mission to remove 11 billion kilos of plastic from rivers before it enters the ocean, we at Keytrade Bank decided to support River Cleanup. Thanks to our partnership, three kilos of plastic will be removed from rivers for every new client at Keytrade Bank. This way, every great customer story already gets off to a fabulous start.” - Thierry Ternier, CEO Keytrade Bank

Multi Masters Group

"‘Environment is one of the four pillars of our CSR policy. We create a more sustainable environment by promoting environmentally friendly products and processes, limiting our carbon footprint and reducing energy consumption and waste. However, a lot of waste ends up in nature. We are very pleased to support River Cleanup with our litter campaigns and the River Skimmer." - Nicolas De Schutter, Chairman Multi Masters Group


"We strongly believe in connecting. With our partnership with River Cleanup, we build awareness, activation and concreteness together. Every day a little better is what BOMA stands for. Sustainability is very much in our DNA, which is why we are convinced of the power of initiatives like these." - Raimondo Otten, Marketing & Business Development Director Boma


"We are convinced that we can make a difference for our climate if we each do our part. As a company, we therefore want to increase our business with respect for our climate. The cooperation with River Cleanup is one aspect of this. We chose River Cleanup because we believe in their story and because we are convinced that they are making a difference for our planet." - Michelle Sleeckx, Busters

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To achieve our goal of stopping plastic pollution from reaching the ocean, we need to work together. Rivers are the blue veins of the earth, connecting communities, cities, and entire countries. That's why we look for strong local and global partners who want to help us towards our mission for clean rivers. Partnering with River Cleanup means you want to make a positive and tangible impact on our planet.

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For every euro donated, we collect 1kg of plastic.