Happy plastic birthday

Celebration gift

Do you have something to celebrate? A birthday? A wedding or birth? Ask for a donation instead of a wrapped present. Let your friends and family give you a clean river as a gift. That way, not only do you get a gift yourself, but our planet also gets a present.

Give a clean river as a gift

For every euro your friends and family donate to River Cleanup for your celebration, we can remove one kilo of plastic from rivers. And why not surprise someone else at their party with this original gift?

Fundraise for your birthday

Are you throwing a party and would prefer to raise money for River Cleanup instead of getting wrapped presents? You can invite your friends and family to do so, put a collection box at your party, mention on the invitation that they can donate to River Cleanup,....


You can also create an online action via Donorbox. Our donation platform keeps track for you of who is donating and how much you have already collected. These donations go directly to River Cleanup.


I want to organise a fundraiser for my birthday

Contact us

Do you want some help with your fundraiser? Contact us for more information or tips and tricks. 

Josti Gadeyne

Head of Partnerships & Philanthropy