Let’s clean waters for resilient cities

The Netherlands wants 17 and 18 September to be about jointly making waters around the globe litter-free and healthy lifelines for cities.

By joining forces and taking action, we are contributing to zero-waste waters

The Netherlands and River Cleanup have partnered up to tackle the problem of litter in our waterways. You can take part in this action against unwanted litter. On this page, you can add your local cleanup event, find other NL-initiated cleanups and check out the worldwide impact we together make.

They are joining. Are you?

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Why the Netherlands?

Located in a low-lying densely populated delta, the Netherlands has been dealing with water challenges for centuries. Therefore, we understand well the urgency to step up the worldwide efforts to increase clean and healthy water supply for all. 


The new NL positioning strategy entails Solving global challenges together and “walking the talk”. That’s why it’s time to take action - symbolic action.



We are doing this by hosting waterway cleanup events with local communities around the world on 17 and 18 September, the latter being World Cleanup Day. The reason therefore is that waterway cleanups are a great way to raise awareness about the problem of using waterways as a repository for unwanted litter and the need to tackle it. 



Have a look at NL Platform to learn more about the Netherlands’ integrated approach to and solutions for dealing with too much, too little and too dirty water.