25 teams in 4 countries take action along river Danube

June 28, 2020

25 teams in 4 countries join River Cleanup Danube on June 27th

Budapest, June 28th 2020 - Every year, around 8 billion kilograms of waste end up in our seas and oceans. 80% of that waste is brought there by rivers. To take action to this, River Cleanup organized River Cleanup Danube on Saturday June 27th 2020. With many small-scale, coronavirus-proof cleaning initiatives along the second longest river in Europe, River Cleanup aims to prove that we can all make a difference, even though no major cleanups are allowed at the moment. In total 25 actions took place in 4 countries in 10 cities, which make this edition a success!

Thomas de Groote, founder of River Cleanup, realised a few years ago that more than 8 billion kilograms of plastic waste end up in our seas and oceans every year. This has an adverse impact on nature, animals and our health. He decided to tackle the problem closer to the source by cleaning up the waste before it reaches the sea, in other words in and around rivers. River Cleanup aims to make as many people as possible aware of this problem and, above all, to encourage them to take action.

Multi-country action

During this weekend 25 teams joined the action in 4 countries. "With small-scale, individual and above all coronavirus-proof initiatives along rivers and riverbanks, River Cleanup aims to raise public awareness and make people part of the solution,” says Flora Baan, coordinator of the Hungarian actions of River Cleanup. Cleanups took place in Budapest, Dunaföldvár, Esztergom, Szentendre, Belgrád, Újvidék, Bratislava, Komárom and Marcelháza. In Hungary the action was co-organized with Let’s do it Hungary. River Cleanup Danube Partners were Plastic Cup (Hungary) and Human Health Institute (Slovakia).

More relevant now than ever

This is exactly the right time for the campaign, as the coronavirus has caused an increase in the amount of single-use plastic in circulation, in the form of packaging, masks, plastic gloves and so on. So it’s time for action! Everyone can do their bit by taking action with an individual campaign, whilst sticking to the coronavirus rules of course.

Next steps

With this action, River Cleanup wants to kick-off the start of River Sunday, a monthly ritual on the first Sunday of the month to do our bit for a nicer world and to raise awareness. Still no large-scale actions, but individual actions to clean up river or river bank near you, starting from 5th July. You can register your own action on  https://www.river-cleanup.org/en/river-sunday.

Bigger actions are planned on September 19th during World Cleanup Day. On that day over 20 million people take action in 150 countries worldwide. Save the date!



Cleanups      25

Countries      4

Participants  100