River Cleanup and Environment Awareness Programme by LCUN at Dhading

April 12, 2022

An article and photos by Merolifestyle


On 2nd April Saturday Bigger Trishuli river cleanup campaign have been organized by Let’s Clean Up Nepal (LCUN) in assistance and support from River Cleanup Belgium. LCUN is a nonprofit organization that has been working in an environmental sector to make the cleaner green Nepal by organizing different environment related campaigns throughout the nation.


In recent days River Cleanup Belgium has focused itself in the environmental sectors. The objective of River Cleanup Belgium is to dedicate itself to free the rivers from waste bringing the concept of zero waste mechanism. They have been involved in cleaning rivers in different countries and have been campaigning for the initiatives of river clean up and as well helping to support to the River Cleanup warriors around the world. The main goal of River Cleanup Belgium is to encourage and educate people who are careless about environment and rivers.

A similar river cleanup campaign has been performed in the rivers from Malekhu to Benight in Rorang Benighat rural municipality in Dhading district with the support from the 54 motivated volunteers to achieve the goals to clean up river. The participants in the river cleanup campaign seems to be very enthusiastic to make environment clean by picking up the trash and spread the positive message through their action by cleaning the river and set an example to the local communities in the region.

The local leaders of Rorang Benighat rural municipality Mr. Bhuban Tripathi and Shiva Pandey have applauded the initiatives and the dedication of the volunteers involved in the river clean-up campaign. They also have appreciated such campaign and requested Let’s Clean Up Nepal to come up with more educational campaigns in the region.



There have been 120 trash bags of the waste collected from the river clean-up initiative and those trash bags were being handed over to the Doko Recyclers Center in Kathmandu for recycling the waste. What the locals and the participants in this noble cause have felt is that such campaign is the need of the day as it is apparent for such heartbreaking initiatives so as to witness our river becoming landfill site and easy dumping site for the people. The program ended in a very positive note and have helped the community people to witness the motive to save our environment and most importantly the rivers to save it from waste management perspectives.