Medical Response Cats Belgium

21 September 2019
11:00 - 17:00

Herhet, 5560 Houyet, Belgium

Triatan Ascension
Practical info

Start 11AM at 5500 Dinant near trainstation Gendron-Celles (it's near the border of the river "Lesse")

Watch carbon footprint! I will come by train, using a WHEELCHAIR, carrying my own inflatable kayak.

We will clean 12km Lesse River and shoreline.

One person only, in team with a trained CAT. 

This cat loves to swim, and is trained to fetch and to work on the lifeline...

One TEAM... is better than NONE at all...

People may allways join by renting a kayak...

You can find us on FB page "Medical Response Cats Belgium"

On parle Français aussi bien sur!

Wij spreken ook gewoon VLAAMS!

Wie reden auch Deutsch...